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Slow Parkour

What is #SlowParkour?

I am going to give a name and a preliminary definition to the "sport" that I have been practising, inspired by Natural Born Heroes, the latest book by Christopher McDougall, and by Antifragile, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Many other readings, videos, podcasts have inspired me too.

Slow Parkour (it could also be called  Low Impact Parkour) is a mixture of:

- Parkour, of course
- The Mafeetone Method
- MovNat
- Calisthenics
- Primal Movement (by Mark Sisson)

It is Parkour for extremely prudent people. No accidents expected. It can happen, but it should be very rare.

It is a sport that can be practiced by people (men and women) who are 40 years old or even older. 

It consists of:

- Lifting weights (usually your own body as in Calisthenics)
- Climbing, jumping low heights
- Natural movement that uses the brain as well as the body

Some rules:
- You should always warm up before and cool down after exercise sessions.
- You should rest (until it comes below your aerobic threshold) between sets.
- You should do a low number of repetitions. Don't get so tired that you could be an easy victim.
- You should avoid high impact.
- Face fear, but not too much.
- You have to be aware of your environment.
- You have to use fat as fuel. You cannot be extremely hungry at the end of an exercise session.
- You should wear minimalist shoes or, even better, do it barefoot.
- You can do it in Nature, in the city or in a gym, but preferably in Nature.

PS: This is a draft. Any comments? I feel I must include some mention to training for fights (MovNat combative, for instance). 

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